Friday, June 29, 2012

Inbound and outbound links checker using php

Dear friends, today i am back with one more concept in php which is very useful for every web developer/web master/website administrator. My question to you is "have you ever thought about back links which are more useful for any successful website or a blog?" For any successful online business back links are very much crucial. Lets check how many back links your site or blog is having. Lets see how to find the total number of inbound and outbound links.

Why should we check inbound and outbound links?

  1. We must check inbound and outbound links in our site or blog as a blogger/administrator/web master. Because we cannot remember all the incoming urls from where the visitors are visiting my site or blog and putting comments. So this code will look for every web page from where the out going links are coming. This strategy will be much useful for link building.
  2. For example the site is injected with some malicious code with JavaScript code then you can't immediately figure out from where i am getting this link. In such cases also its useful.

How to use this script?

Anyone can freely use this script without any hesitation. Anyone use this script on their dedicated host or a shared host or in their localhost (local system).

Lets see the code:

Design a small form using HTML Code:

Add some CSS code for better look and feel:

Now the real dragon enters, PHP Code:
That's it. Now its your turn to get your hands dirty. Happy coding...

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