Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to become a good PHP Web Developer?

Hello every one, i hope you already read my post about "The advantages of becoming a PHP Developer", if not then go and read it. You can find here. Now the time has come to become a PHP Developer. Lets see how to become a PHP Developer or a PHP Ninja?

Becoming a PHP Ninja is not a tedious task if you follow the strategy with small plans. Someone said "Rome is not built in a single day". So keep this in mind that Rome is not built in a single day. So PHP is also not built in a single day. It took years to built then the fruitful results came into existence. Likewise you can't learn all the stuff in a single day. It will take some time to master all the things. As we already know a famous quote "Slow and steady wins the race". So start you PHP journey with slow and steady steps. One fine day you will be called as a PHP Ninja. Now lets start our PHP journey.

What Benjamin Franklin said is: "Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn to do things the right way."

Today in this competitive world everyone is busy with their busy schedules. Everyone is hardly finding the time to go and learn something in the market. Even if they had the zeal to learn they can't find enough time to learn the technology like PHP. PHP is such a technology which makes you a billionaire if you master it properly. But the problem with this is why should i learn when i can hire some skilled PHP guy who makes money for me and make my happy living. This is for those people who thinks like this. If you follow these tips of mine then definitely you will become a PHP Ninja. Before start learning PHP we must need some nuts and bolts. So see the nuts and bolts below. Lets start it.

What are the requirements to become a PHP Web Developer or PHP Ninja?

  1. To become a PHP Developer one must have enough patience. If you lack patience then i suggest you to practice some patience tips.
  2. To be able to solve simple mathematical calculations like which we did in our schooling days.(Algebra, etc). For example, if a=2, b=3 then what is a+b? If you can solve this then its enough.
  3. To be able to read the existing code. CaN yOu rEaD tHiS?
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript
  7. PHP
  8. SQL (Go for any RDBMS, but i personally suggest you to opt for MySQL)
  9. Any Web Server preferably Apache
  10. Any Operating System preferably Windows or else Linux
  11. Any text editor for writing the code. Like Notepad++, Dreamweaver, Editplus, Eclipse, etc..
  12. Any web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  13. Any file sharing or file transfer tool like FTP, CuteFTP, FileZilla, etc.
  14. OMG. I forgot to mention the most important tool which is a must for PHP Developer. Yes, its none other than XAMPP or WAMP or MAMP. You will come to know about these in the upcoming articles. For now keep these things with you.
  15. Of all these things, as a good developer if one forgets ctrl+c(Copy) and ctrl+v(Paste) then he/she will not be treated as good developer. So keep these two shortcuts because in the rest of your programming world you will be addicted to these two things.LOL.
Don't get scared by seeing the above list. Because its only the list which is made by a human being. Have you heard the fact about the history of Calgary Tower. "The Calgary Tower stands at 190.8 meters. The total weight of the tower is 10,884 tons, of which 6,349 tons is below ground (approximately 60%). This shows that some of the greatest buildings have the strongest foundations. Just like a great building stands on a strong foundation, so does success. And the foundation of success is attitude." And if you have a right attitude to learn PHP then ultimately success will be yours.

Finally a small motivation tip for you. "Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible..and suddenly you are doing the impossible..Bravo dude.."

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  1. nice explanation of requirements...good post...

  2. Also it takes time to become a good developer. When you immediately start you won't be the best.

    1. yes, absolutely right. what you said is true. to become a good developer will takes time.

  3. hello phphunger, nice explanation to become a php developer.

  4. hi friend..
    nice blog u have, very great template..
    i like your explanation about php
    it's so useful for many people..keep writing friend...

    1. Hi Wira hadi, Thanks for your comment..keep visiting this blog for more updates...

  5. Thanks For sharing such a post. Looking forward for such type of post. Good Going.
    Make sure you update this again soon
    hire dedicated php programmer

    1. Its my pleasure..keep visiting this blog...

  6. There are many other thnings that required.
    Most Important

  7. thank you..I' learning about HTML , HTML 5, CSS 3, JAVASCRIPT ,JQUERY, PHP AND MYSQL...BUT i don't know how to start as php web developer. but now i got it...God bless you....


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