Sunday, March 31, 2013

Best Tools For Testing PHP Code Online

PHP is such an awesome scripting language for building dynamic web application because it has a huge user base as well as developer base. As it is an open source language so its freely available in the internet without any hassle. And the developer community is contributing towards PHP to increase the user base. Because of constantly adding new features to PHP regularly, the new and fresh tools are coming up in the internet.

While i am browsing for the online resources to test PHP code, i came to know these tools. So i shared these tools to you people. If want to try it once please go ahead. Its not a mandatory that you should use these tools. These tools are just for informational purpose.

Let's see some new tools which are providing online services for running your PHP Code. With these tools the developer can test his/her code online without going for the localhost.


codepad is an online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool. The codepad will support many languages like C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, PHP, Perl, Plain Text, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl. You can try out with your favorite language.

The URL is


This is also one of the online code editor where the developer can paste the code in the code area and run the code online.

The URL is Writecodeonline


This online tool gives you more options like with which version of PHP you want to work. The developer can select with which version he/she wants to run their PHP code. This is most useful for testing PHP functions online. Try out once.

The URL is Online PHP Functions


This tool also gives you options like with which version you wants to test the PHP code.

The URL is Codepad Viper-7

PHP Fiddle:

The PHP Fiddle is one of the amazing online code testing tool for testing almost all kind of web technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL support. This is one of the great tool. I simply love it.

The URL is PHP Fiddle


Last but not the least, its also one of the tool to test the PHP code online.

The URL is Exorithm

OK guys, Try out all these at least once just for informational purpose. Use our PHP Developer Journey-Tutorials for testing PHP Code online. All the best.

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  1. One more I found better where you can check your code and can share with your friends


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